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For young and trendy lady: Fancy apartment of 35 square meters

Welcome to the small feminine kingdom, where all is maded with good taste and style, and everything is packed in a space of modest area…

The young client wanted a maximum functional interior, and given that it owns only 35 square meters, the main goal was to allocate every centimeter of the home, using all available means.

A variety of methods applied to the arrangement of the apartment are already well-known and always functioning. When all the walls and ceiling are painted in a tint, the ambient is more airy, and the effect of a higher ceiling is created.

In the concrete case, through the use of bright tones, not only for the walls, but also for the furniture, all the boundaries in the space are visually melted, so that the apartment does not look sloppy and stifled, as opposed to the small surface. The white potential is used to the maximum. The whole design, in turn, is stylized with pastel moments on a white background.

Large pieces of furniture, such as kitchen elements and headset in the day-to-day living, subtly cling to the walls, are becoming virtually invisible.

Special attention is paid to storage solutions, because the tenant is a trendy lady with a lot of wardrobe. Not even the decorative details were left out, and after being allowed to self-express the wall behind the sofa, now it resembles a mini art gallery..

Urban and Fancy – Scroll through the corners of this refined station, which is a real inspiration for modern girls:

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