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Why is good to be a woman?

Why 8th of March is more significant than 19th November! Welcome bouquet of 40 roses.


  1. We know to cook breakfast or dinner ourselves.
  2. It is enough to convince the cop do not to write us a fine.
  3. After a quarrel we get the bedroom, and he the couch.
  4. We’re lying better than men’s.
  5. PMS – our legal weapon about everything.
  6. Two words are enough: multiple orgasms!
  7. You do not have to constantly be set genitals for our comfortable.
  8. With one look we can melt away man.
  9. We are cleaner, nicer and less smelling sweat.
  10. When we have a fight, we’re fighting with arguments.
  11. We have more erogenous zones.
  12. We think with the brain, not with the genitals.
  13. Menopause? Lucky that we cannot bear children after 50 years.
  14. Menstruation? Plus excuse to treat us like princesses.
  15. We look sexy in men’s clothing, but they look ridiculous in our.
  16. After orgasm we can immediately fall asleep, we do not have to run to the toilet.
  17. We do not need to much money to get drunk.
  18. Scientifically is proven to tolerate more pain.
  19. We can hit a man without us to be repaid.
  20. Growing number of murderers, thieves, pedophiles, fraudsters are male.
  21. We do not have to drive when we’re going on vacation.


  1. Women can fake orgasms .
  2. Shorter women are sweet but the short men are just… short.
  3. Women do not need an excuse to be sad.
  4. The condom does not change our enjoyment of sex.
  5. There are times when chocolate can solve our problems.
  6. We are not uncomfortable in the company of homosexuals.
  7. One lipstick is sufficient to restore our sense of life.

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