What to read on the beginning of 2016


  • The most beautiful Love story

Lucy Robinson

Fran is celebrating her thirty Birthday and her life looks perfect…Some happy circumstances allowed her to get a perfect job, and her incredible boyfriend Michael is taking her in the hotel “Rich”, until in his pocket found something that will remind him of ring box. But something went wrong…

  • Wounded eagle

How the children love can turn into a sweet romance? What it means to meet after many years and revived memories to arouse desire in you? That can be made only by pen of Milica Jakovlevic.

  • Love memories

Alison Richman

In the magical Prague is born strong and limitless Love. Lenka – the yang student of Art and Joseph- student of medicine are enjoying in the moments of happiness and enthusiasm.

  • The client Woman

A.S.A. Harson

He is an irreplsible lover. She lives in delusion. He leads a double life. She wants to settle the things down. He decided to put end once and for all. She has nothing to lose.

  • Let it snow

John Grinn, Morin Johnson, Lorin Miracle

The most fearsome storm.Tree love winter stories. One magical night. Tragically, fanny and field with holliday magic…


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