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What to eat when you have .. irritable bowel syndrome!

Тhe flatulence, abdominal cramps or diarrhea. None of these does not soundly fun, and all are part of the syndrome of irritable bowel. There are numerous causes of this syndrome, including the stress. The food is equally dangerous – while some products act as sedatives for your irritable bowel that can keep you locked in the toilet seat.


  1. Мushrooms (+): We’te talking about magical mushrooms – mushrooms grown below UV rays  increase their content of vitamin D. The latest evidence arrives from the University of Sheffield and is found a high correlation between the NBS and the lack of vitamin D. Only 3 of these mushrooms per day are sufficient for your ogranism.
  2. Fodmaps (-): It is a short groups for carbohydrate which the small intestine absorb it in small quantities. Those which can not absorb it ,transmitted in the colon, where bacteria fenmenting,which results with gas and bloating. One Austarlian research shown that 74 % of the respondents where this food group was removed from their diet showed a reduction of the syndrome of irritable bowel. The bad news is that the list of these foods is huge. The good side is that you can use the application FODMAR by FM



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