What kind of jewelry to wear depending on the model of shirt or dress?

If you are a woman, you will understand the anguish – what jewelry goes with an ordinary shirt, like of roll and what goes with the dress with one strap? Eternal questions without an answer ..

Or at least until you remember this illustration, which would solve your dilemmas.

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By ordinary open shirt you should wear a short necklace and ring. With corset in the form of heart, choose short necklace and bracelet. With V-hole it is best to omit the chain, and put only bracelet and ring.


Each of these colors signifies the accessories that you need to wear in any special occasion….here you can see the following accessories..

  • Purple – bracelet, yellow-necklace, pink-hanging earrings, grey-long necklace, blue-ring, burnt orange – short necklace, medium grey- necklace with pendant, dark olive – small earrings.

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