What is the most powerful combination of colors that will bring harmony and happiness?

Do you believe that there is a magical combination of colors, which will immediately make you feel relaxed, happy and harmonious?

The colors have a strong influence on our mood and behavior. And while some of us are so attractive, we want to see them everywhere; some are equally hideous and awaken our negative emotions.

The combination of colors that cause feelings of calm and positivity, represent the pink and the green color, which the researchers said that awakens our most positive emotions and relaxes us.

Scientists claim that these two colors usually converge in nature – we can find flowers or some sweet and tasty fruits such as watermelon. But this combination isn’t just be only in the nature. On the contrary, this powerful combination can be part of your outfit, editing, and some mobile applications and so on.

If you want to rich your life in the most positive combination of colors, then look at these photos: