What Does Sleeping with Makeup Do To Your Face?

When you sleep at night with makeup, skin is unable naturally to regenerate. It can cause uneven skin, dry skin and redness. Sleeping powder can cause acne, particularly if the base is on oil.Leaving the eye shade can clog the hair follicles and sebaceous glands filled with bacteria, causing inflammation. When you putting mascara can asleep to pluck a few blinks of the eye. Also makeup particles can penetrate the eye and damage them.


The products for mouth impurities can make the person razmachkuvajkji the skin. During the day, free radical particles in the air stick to makeup. The Sleep with makeup means prolonged exposure to these free radical particles, which can cause wrinkles and damage healthy collagen.

Even though you think that you are far from “getting old” sleeping in your makeup could actually cause you to age earlier than normal.

Throughout the day, your face accumulates a lot of stress. And when you sleep in your makeup, your skin is not given the chance to recover from said stress. In turn, fine lines and wrinkles will began to develop on your face. So wash your face, if you want to keep your skin looking young and fresh as long as possible!

The person will be most rewarding after removal the make-up and gently wash the skin.


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