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Walk around Valencia – the city of the magical architecture of Calatrava!

When someone will mention Spain, probably the first memory you are though are Barcelona and Madrid. But the country on the Iberian Peninsula there are many other interesting cities worth visiting.

One of them is Valencia, the third largest city in Spain.

There are more than 800,000 residents, and the environment and counts more than 1 million.

If you decide to visit it is worth to learn about Valencia:


1. “Paella” the famous Spanish dish was invented precisely in Valencia. Here, the traditional ingredients are rice, chicken, rabbit, beans, snails and artichokes. Sure, there are 100 other various combinations that include seafood.


2. For the first time as Valencia is mentioned in history books is 200 years BC as a Roman colony. The name of the city comes from the Latin word “valentia” which means courage.


3. The golden age of the city was in the 15th century when Valencia was capital of the Kingdom of Aragon.


4.Of course, the most popular sport is football, and the football club Valencia is many times state champion. What is interesting is that here is played football (American football) and there are even two rugby clubs that participate in the Spanish league.


5. No one knows for sure where lies the Holy Grail, but many believe that his place was found in the city’s cathedral. Nobody can guarantee that there is a cup from which Jesus drank at the last supper, but it’s worth checking, right?


6. Valencia is not only a tourist city, but also cultural science center. Sufficient is a YouTube channel to reassure you that. Valencia is also home to some of the most modern architectural works, and most of them along the famous architect Santiago Calatrava.


7. Here you must try the drink which is called “Horchata” which is made from a special kind of tree nuts.


8. For the city’s most important city port which is the second largest port on the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea.



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