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Verona: City created for love!

Replace the laying in the beach with an active holiday in the city. Italy is a country of all colors, flavors and fragrances. If you visit Verona with friends or alone, compliments of the locals will be exempted. Verona is a city of fairy tale and second in importance in Italy after Venice. The city was created to love.


Do not miss …

The arena which is located in Bra (Piazza Bra). Sometimes there took place the fights , and the ground was sandy,on which was spilled blood of gladiators and animals.


Will delight you …

The magnificent Roman bridge called “Bridge of stones” (Ponte di Pietra) and the church of the church of San Dzeno Maggiore that contains the relics of the first bishop of Verona and other saints from the Italian end Pippin.


The most interesting is …

The House of Juliet Capulet which the tourists reminiscent of romantic love that Shakespeare described in his book. In the garden of the house is a statue of Julia…


You have to try …

The real Italian pizza. The dough is perfectly thin and an average Italian would never understand if you want to add ketchup. They use only tomato sauce.


What you should know …

The service on the waiters is paid, and the price is on the account. The price for the service of the waiter is usually one or two euros, but it can be changed.





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