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Venice’s floating replica is the first underwater resort in the world!

Flooded plans for the world’s first floating underwater reservoir!

Dubai, at the speed of light, gets a reputation for an innovative city, a city of ideas that not only remains on paper, but will soon become the first underwater luxury resort in the world, which is a ship.

The Floating Venice is a project of the Kleindienst Group worth $ 680 million. Located on the islands The World in Dubai with a capacity of 3,000 guests, this resort will provide everything you need for a comfortable and luxurious holiday. Rooms, restaurants and recreation will be located on four decks, one of which will be under water.

414 cabins arranged on four decks will provide the guests with an experience they have never experienced before. But while most hotels have a penthouse or presidential suite on the highest floor, this resort pervades the real pearl on the bottom, under the water.

The underwater cabin is available for guests who want a truly memorable vacation, offering views of the coral reefs as well as the (less exciting) lower side of the gondolas that pass.

Guests can also enjoy 12 floating beaches, shops, 12 restaurants and bars (three will be under water) and the first underwater spa in the world. Some of the 24 pools will have acrylic bases that will provide a view of the coral reefs.



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