US Diet- diet that weight definitely is not returning!

Also known as “United Nations” diet and popular in the world because of this diet is thought to save that will help you lose excess weight, it will also contribute the lost kilos never to return. We all know that there are INSTAT diets, but the result is ephemeral. This diet promises something else, so we recommend to you.


The diet lasts 90 days and you can lost from 18 to 25 kg.
If you want to lose less killos you can stop the diet.
The diet always starts with protein day, then followed  starch day, carbohydrate day, fruit day, and again protein.
The order mustn’t be changed!

Breakfast – all 90 days is eating only fruit. The breakfast should be of two same fruit or a handful dried fruit.

1 day – Protein day

Lunch-meat, boiled or roasted (3 pieces-restaurant portion 250g.) Or 3 boiled eggs, a slice of bread, salad in unlimited quantities. Soup but without rezanci.
This day you can eat cheese or milk, but in that case the meat or eggs should halve the amount.
Dinner-same from lunch, but without soup.
It is mandatory if you ate for lunch meat and the dinner should be meat.

Day 2 – Starch day

Lunch: beans, peas, spinach, potatoes. It should be boiled and seasoned with only salt, spice, or cooked tomato ketchup. A piece of bread and salad.
Dinner: same as lunch but with halved.

Day 3 – carbohydrate day

Lunch:cooked pasta seasoned with ketchup or pizza with ketchup, maybe white buns, for example 3 muffins.
Dinner: two pieces of cake, or three or four cookies, or four balls of ice cream. Required is a fine chocolate for cooking.

4 day – Fruit with vegetable
Lunch and dinner only mixed fruit as you want.Or mixed salad with vegetables.

After the cycle of 7 × 4 days, 29 days (three times during the diet) you should drink water. You can drink tea or coffe without sugar. Reduce the juices to a minimum.Fruit is obligatory to eat in the morning because the fastest will give energy to the body.
Chocolate protects the body from possible allergies.
Quantities of food are higher than usual and groceries tuned for our conditions and climate.
You must be consistent and persistent. It may happen the first 10 days to avoid a reduction in weight,but then easily you can lose 3-4 kg.

If you are not satisfied with the achieved weight the same diet you can repeat, but after 3 months.


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