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True stories that prove how much Tom Hanks is different from all the other Hollywood stars

Famous Hollywood stars are constantly sending scandals, which occasionally change our minds about them.

Well, in such moments of bad and disappointing news, it’s good to see there is someone who almost does not have any black spot in his career.Among such good people is the actor Tom Hanks, who is one of the few people that the media do not write bad things.

On the contrary, he made many good, human deeds that make the grounded man above all..Hoping that this will keep the number of such people growing, we have collected several stories that prove his goodness.

He cheered  his biggest fan
In 2013, he met one of his biggest fans. It’s Sarah Moretti, a girl with autism, who has been collecting everything for years from the actor.

His pictures, newspaper excerpts and any news related to Hanks was collected in a memorial.

The actor met her during the Broadway performance “Lucky Guy,” and not they become friends, but also crossed the list together.

Tom was delighted and said: “Sarah is wonderful. You know, neither my mother has such a thing. ”

He refunded the money on two people who did not like his film
After appearing in the comedy “Larry Crownee”, many agreed that this was not one of his best films, because he was simply not good enough for his fans and critics.

Hanks at a petrol station met several people who made it clear that they did not like the film, and he replied:

“I’m sorry that you are disappointed. What did you say to give you the money you spent for the movie? “They accepted and Tom gave them $ 25.

Friendship with a taxi driver
One taxi driver posted his interesting event on the internet.

Tom Hanks entered his vehicle, but he was covered with a hat and at first he did not know him. And, when the driver recognized him during the ride, he called out “Wiiiilsooooon” (quote from “Cast Away”).

The actor laughed and noticed that he wears a T-shirt and a cap with the inscription “Ferrari”, and he began to call Mr. Ferrari. They made a photo and the taxi driver thought the story was over.

But in the following days he constantly met people who worked with the actor and knew him, and he told them to greet him from Mr. Ferrari.

One day, he received a message from someone who was driving with him, who said Tom Hanks wanted to invite him to the premiere.

The driver took his wife and together went to the premiere, backstage, and when the actor caught sight of him, cried “Sir Ferrari!”

When he accidentally broke into a wedding photo session
As the actor ran into the New York Central Park, he went through a place where grooms made a photo session, and instead of circumventing them, he decided to stand up and congratulate them about the wedding.

They made several cool pictures with the actor and he continued on, and they have a memorial forever.

Posing with strangers
Tom Hanks met his fan in a restaurant and the actor accepted to make an interesting photo session with him.

While everyone thought that the photos with the young drunken guy were original, they both made it look like the actor joking with the “drunk” guy.

Student card
During a walk in the park, Hanks found someone’s student identification, and instead of circumventing it, he took it and decided to help.

He posted the photo of the identification on his Twitter account and wrote that the girl can take her to his office.

The student, through her professor, learned that her ID was by at the actor and sent her by mail.



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