Trendy men with braids ?!

If the braids yesterday meant salvation for women and long hair emergency when you need a haircut, and you do not have time, now it means little change.

Instagram started to appear men with plaited hair under the hashtag #ManBraid and apparently developed into a big trend. Prepare for photos that will create discussion – unnecessary and funny or appealing?


Man-Braids-Instagram r.braid_and-Pompadour-with-razor-part-braid man-braid 16-totalbeauty-logo-21-man-braids-that-will-make-you-feel-all-the-feelings ef64e503bb41481998cba205492f5d0211172873 men-have-learned-how-to-braid-their-hair-and-they-2-12166-1443188517-1_dblbig


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