Today is International Day of beer – cheers with cocktail of cold beer!

5th of August, Friday, International Day of beer – do you need more convincing why a glass of cold refreshing cocktail with beer.

Although for many people the beer itself is enough and it should’t be mixed with other alcoholic combinations.

Obtain the ingredients or simply order it to your favorite cocktail in a cafe:


Beer Punch

Mix 350ml Sprite 2 ½ cups pineapple juice and 6 cans of his favorite light beer. Place in a bowl and add the chopped lemons, oranges and lime.



Pour 4 cans of beer in a blender, add 1 small cup of tequila and 1-2 cups of frozen lemonade. Add a little fresh ice and stir. Serve in a glass with slices of lime.


Black and Tan

What tastes better than beer? Two beers. The magic of this cocktail is that mix light and dark beer. The effect? Better-tasting than you can  imagine.


Redneck Mother

In a tall glass put ¼ grapefruit juice, a shot of gin and fill with light beer. You can add water flavored with ginger or lemon and decorate with pieces of citrus fruit.


Summer Hoedown

In blender chop several pieces sliced watermelon until you get a thick paste. Stir in liqueur to taste (cherry is an excellent choice) and fill the cups half and half of the mixture of light beer.


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