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  1. One summer in Crete – Ande Jankov

Marina and her boyfriend Philip decided to go on Holiday in the Greek island Crete  at Marina’s relatives place. Elena the aunt of Marina should take them from the bus- station in Chania.


  1. Dinner – Herman Koch.

One night, a murder, a decision and two children. Two couples meet at elite restaurant in Amsterdam. Talk about ordinary things – daily work, the war in Iraq, the summer vacation – avoiding speaking about the topic gathered about their 15 year old children.


  1. The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty

The girl Reagan McNally that lives in Georgetown is ill in a mysterious way. As if possessed by an evil spirit. After a string of hits, her mother, the actress Kris, seek help from Father Damien Karas.

the exocist

  1. The sin of her mother – Mir Yam

The secret to her mother is actually her sin of youth. But is the love a sin? Whether retaliation will forgive sin and will give birth to new tragedies? Or, will give birth to a new love?


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