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“They told me to jump off a bridge and kill myself”: Plus-size model has been criticized because it weakened 113 kg!

The drastic transformation of Mercado Rossi last year attracted huge attention. The 36-year-old plus-size model weakend 113 kilograms and received compliments river persistence and determination to improve their looks and health. But part of the Rossi fans were thrilled by her weight loss.


Mercado received emails and messages full of criticism and bad words. “They told me to jump off a bridge and kill myself because I lose so much killos” – said Rossi for TMZ, calling the critics “activists thickness.”

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Also, Mercado noted that malicious critics hated the fact that she publicly showed her successful weight loss.

The crucial moment when the mother of three children decided to change the way of life and make healthy food in their everyday life, was when the airline told her that If she wants to travel she must buy tickets for two seats.



“It was not the easiest journey, I had ups and downs. But when you compare the quality of my life with life in the past, I know it was worth it “- said Mercado, who now weighs 77 kg.

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From her experience, Rossi learned several lessons including: persistence always pays, never judge the book by its cover and how to treat people.



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