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The using and meaning of the Cocktails

Antroponomastick actually deals with the study of proper names, surnames and nicknames, but of course here we can we include the names of cocktails is quite an interesting topic, that occurred as their names. What is actually the word cocktail?

Cocktail is a stimulating drink, composed of spirits of various types, sugar, water and bitters, and would be a great Treand optional drink, the more it makes the heart tough and brave, while the distracted brain.

There are different types of cocktails that are very refreshing and thirst the perish in the body especially in the highest temperatures in the summer, so we suggest you to taste the following cocktails:

Rain Bow spin

  • Ingredients:

– Grenadine

– Juice

– White rum

– Blue Curacao

– Ice

– Orange (Decoration)

Rain Bow spin

rainbow spin – refreshing daily Cocktail

Rainbow spin – In this Cocktail at first look prevail 4 colors (red, orange, green and blue).

Distinctive about this cocktail is that when you’re consuming and mixing the cocktail starting from above you are getting various wide range of colors that slowly resembles the colors that decorate the rainbow that says it comes from a certain amount of increased optimism, therefore it gets the name rainbow spin.

Similar like the rainbow the effect is short so I propose this cocktail to be consumed more quickly in order to capture the true flavor.

Orange Splash

  • Ingredients:

– Amaretto

– Franco Brandi (ST.Remy)

– Grenadine

– Juice

– Squeezed lemon

– Orange and orange peel to decorate

Orange Splash – Refreshing cocktail with beautiful appearance and distinctive taste.

Orange Splash

In preparation of this cocktail is added ply of juice over the brandy and amaretto to get dark red starting from the bottom and more brighter above until it stands equal with the orange color, therefore has the name Orange Splash or Infernal Orange who with his refreshing aroma and characteristic color of gold plays a crucial role in capturing the true appearance and taste.

“Robin’s Fashion flower”

  • Ingredients:

– DeLeón Platinum Tequila

– Papaya

– Serrano Pepper

– Cilantro

– Freshly squeezed lemon juice


This cocktail is a kind of innovative creation that is a kind of “fashion” among the women. Tequila Cocktail adorns this cocktail with that the ice and other ingredients can shine Hollywood in a positive light. It is recommended on weekends because it is unique, and while the peppers and cilantro capture the exact Mexican flavor that gives a perfect appearance that is worth to try.

With its refined and attractive appearance these sweet cocktails will tempt, deceive, refreshing, icy and become hot every part of your body. Maybe in wine is the truth, but in the cocktails is the enjoying! Cheers!!

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