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The latest research suggests that aliens might be trying to contact the Earth!

Surely at least once you’ve wondered whether aliens really exist. According to research published in the “Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific”, researchers from the University of Quebec, Canada, reportedly found evidence that not only do aliens exist, but they are also trying to contact the Earth. Maybe it acts impossible, but it is real research.


In the study, researchers used data from the research “Sloan Digital Sky” to carry out an analysis of more than 2 million distant stars. The analyzed stars, namely 234, behaved in a way that researchers could not explain. They thought about and rejected several opportunities and at the end conclude that the strange changes in the stars due to light pulses created by extraterrestrial intelligence in order to show its existence. In other words, maybe the aliens are trying to establish contact with humans despite being a distance of several light years.

But how researchers have come to this conclusion? Signals are light pulses that occur at regular intervals, and stars that are running are in the same range as our sun. This may be a sign that intelligent life exists beyond the Earth.Our sun is the only one we know near which live intelligent beings, so maybe the same happens near other.

Before you begin to prepare for the invasion of aliens, we need to consider the following few things. Researchers say it is possible the signals are caused by very strange chemical compositions at the stars. And the earlier research had shown that intelligence exists beyond the Earth, so it is worth further attention is paid to this topic and opportunity.

And beside everything, this research can serve as a reminder of the high probability that we are not alone in the universe.

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