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The Fashion week in Kazakhstan!

A little bit strange when you mention fashion events in Kazakhstan, but of course that does not mean that this country is not on the list of them. Recently was held the fashion week in the capital of this country, in which fashion every day develops and occupies more significant on the list of fashion events.

We Singled out for you some photos of the fashion shows that were represented in Kazakhstan, do you,like it?!

photo_12138 ecc5d43d789c2db84226a331fd96899e 4T9A9566 photo_9076 50314eaf4978305a112be72ae63afd79_big 0002bb7b_medium A-model-presents-a-creation-by-Kazakhstans-Mechanical-Piano-design-house-during-Kazakhstan-Fashion-Week-in-Almaty- 13843476_61n


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