The divinity of the night

Majestic and powerful in nature goddess Paco Rabanne describes the woman exudes strength, power and seduction and that is worthy of the refinement of several drops of divinity.


Olumpea opens with cool and juicy start. At the top is a huge amount of fresh, realistic dose and half ripe fruit, green flowers with creamy white blossoms. However most impressively for this perfume is the extraordinary, pleasant hidden smell of sea salt and hazelnut. This characteristic is refreshing and eccentric, that allows completely contrast in the warm color and velvety notes of vanilla and sandalwood that surround it.

Interesting features of this deity are held in intensive timeless frame and proportional fall with passing of the time until it touches the base, which is creamy and warm blend of sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli, again with small, moderate touch of the smell of sea salt.

With Olimpea, Paco Rabanne write a new chapter. Awfully feminine. Faithful to the innovative values where provocation reveals the spirit of the times, Paco Rabanne imagine a unique, daring sensuality of which no one and nothing can resist.


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