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The best ideas for gold manicures- Autumn 2016!

Autumn is on the doorstep, so why don’t you experiment with your nails with one of the new autumn trends?

Golden color, basic color which is mainly associated with the fall, it may be a great choice to do your nails to shine in autumn splendor.Select a varnish with flashes with interesting manicures or use stickers in the form of great lines that will complement creamy, pale pink or white base.


In addition see the photos that can serve as inspiration on everything you can do from your nails.

September is ideal for gold nails:

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10-21 08-26 07-28 35-gold-bling-french-manicure gold-manicure-2 matte-white-and-gold-glitter-tip-nail-art gold-glitter-dip-manicure

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