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The beauty of the Monastery Treskavec in Prilep – Macedonia!

Prilep district is the most important part of Pelagonia and Bitola diocese. He is a very important point in terms of the past and history.

First of all, in the area It can be found Treskavec Monastery, the famous sanctuary in the past centuries, then come the important fortresses of Marko, the monastery St. Archangel and full of ancient churches the village Varos .



The Treskavec Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries. It actually shows the architecture of the church, which on the sides has holes, something that is absent in the churches of the newer Christian times.It namely architecture denies the opinion that the monastery was legal during the king Dushan etc. Treskavec should be dated from the first Christian centary. The tradition of the local population is that the church Treskavec was made before all the Athos monasteries.On top of Treskavec existed sanctuary  since ancient times, and today is one of the largest monastic and spiritual sanctuaries. From the Roman era (2/3 century) come two inscriptions on marble pedestals dedicated to Apollo Eteudanos (Gromobiec) and Artemis.Here it is mentioned the name of the shrine, Kolobaisa. The site was served by dedicated people and servants; of them come numerous graves dug south of the tip (Hellenistic and Roman times).


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They say, Treskavec takes your breath away twice. The first time for sure, whether you have climbed the steep mountain path for almost two hours, or you went for an adventure to get to the Monastery with an off-road vehicle. The second time, when you’re almost there, the view opening in front of you will take your breath away for sure. High on a mountain top in the middle of the Pelagonia plain, the Treskavec Monastery is a vertical peak of the spiritual continuity of a nation that hides many chapters of history, human presence written on every rock throughout the ages. Zlatovrv (Golden Peak) is crowned with the Monastery walls dedicated to the Dormition of Most Holy Bogoroditsa, and from them one can observe the immeasurable horizon of spiritual peace, but also the challenge to accomplish communication with God. Marko Cepenkov, the collector of the people’s wisdom of this region, has noted these verses that praise Bogoroditsa’s thankfulness to the saints that have built the Monastery. “O, you holy God’s men, you have cast away the heathen, and from their pagan church, made a church for me, and called it a Monastery.”

When you are already in Prilep, the best option to visit the monastery is setting off on foot. Tour which we still recommended for those with a bit more adventurous spirit and better fitness. It’s  recommended for boldering too and paragliding. For passing the route of six miles will take about two hours.

How to get there?

If you decide to travel from Skopje, by car to Prilep will take around two and a half hours. There are two ruti- by E75 with a length of 132 kilometers or through the E75 M5 and a length of 118 kilometers. The return bus ticket from Skopje to Prilep costs 550 dinars (€ 9), while if you travel by train you have to pay 450 dinars (7.5 euros). But also if you like to take a rest or overnight, the nearest place you can find listed here


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