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A teacher from Ghana touched the world: They do not have a computer, so he teach children to work in Word, drawing on the board!

Richard Appiah Akoto received a well-deserved applause from all over the world. A Ghanaian teacher touched thousands of people after showing how he teach computer science to his students without a computer.

While each student has a computer in front of us, children can not boast of such privileges at the school in Kumasi. That’s why, in order to offer them a visual display, the dedicated teacher draws computer programs with a chalk on the board.

Nicknamed Owura Kwadwo, Mr Akoto wrote on the now famous Facebook post, “I love ma students so have to do wat will make them understand Wat am teaching (sic).”

The school has reportedly not had computers since 2011, despite learners needing to pass an information and communications technology (ICT) exam before entering high school.

Kwadwo drew a lot of attention after sharing photos to which he draws a Word document, explaining to them all the functions of his students who dedicate the lesson in their notebooks. “I do this for my students to understand what I am giving them. At least I will give them a picture of what they would see when they stand behind a computer, “he said.

These photos reached “Microsoft” and the company promised to provide a suitable computer for the school in Ghana.



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