Super – groceries

Include these trendy groceries in your daily menu and enjoy completely in the new combinations of flavors. Get the most from nutritional ingredients they contain!

  1. Mung beans

It has the ability to stop the growth of tumors, thanks to the high level of amino acids, oligosaccharides and polyphones possess strong antioxidant power. These extremely nutritious grains are rich in protein and fiber, and are very effective in reducing weight. It has a good source of potassium, which gives excellent results in the regulation of blood pressure. It is rich in minerals, among which stands out the iron, so it is a good substitute for meat in the diet of vegetarians.


  1. Sirak

Gluten-free grain originating from India and Africa, which to us is mainly used as animal feed. Taking into account its beneficial properties for health, recommended in the diet of humans (excellent replacement for corn and rice). Preventing osteoporosis and arthritis.


  1. Coconut Water

Many serious competitor of isotonic sports drinks. It contains natural sugar, a larger quantity of potassium, and less sodium and more efficient to rehydrate the body after a long physical activity. Unlike coconut milk, coconut water has a significant higher proportion of water and less fat, and contains about 40 kcal in 200ml and only 4 times more potassium than one banana. It’s showing excellent results in the fight with a hangover.


  1. Green Cardamom

Cardamom extract stimulates the metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract. An excellent source of anti – septikacineol that eliminates the bacteria in the mouth and it is used in the treatment of teeth and gums. Cardamom tea relieves throat infections, and essential oil helps reducing the stress and reduces the pain in the bag.


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