Summer Hit: Ice cubes of watermelon refreshment in the warmest days!

Allow us to present you an idea that is so simple, that we cannot believe that we had never thought about it. It is for ice cubes of watermelon. These frozen fruit trays are subtly sweet, completely refreshing and best of all, require only one ingredient to make. Is there a better way that you can refresh yourself during the hot summer days?





Everything you need for this marvelous ice cubes are watermelon (seedless) and molds for ice cubes. Simply chop the watermelon into small pieces, enough to be able to tap into the mold, or drain and pour into them and then place them in the refrigerator. Optionally you can add a pinch of sugar or mint leaves.

After they will become frozen, they are immediately ready for serving. You can add plain water, natural pressed juice or any other beverage (even alcoholic) you would like to chill. You can also just eat them – they are just as tasty as ice cream. The only difference is that they are far healthier for your body.

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