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Strange road in France that disappears under the water twice a day…

Passage du Goa is the road that is connecting the bay with the island Noirmoutier in France. Interestingly, most of the time this road is under the water.

Because of the tide that was coming people can drive on it twice a day and only a few hours before he again be covered by rising waves.


In the year 1701 for the first time this road was marked on maps for traveling. Around the year it 1840 started to provide regular transport line consisting of transportation by car or riding horses. Today the road is long over 4 kilometers.

This seemingly ordinary road is extremely dangerous. The two sides laid special panels that tell you whether the road is passable or not.


However, every year many adventurers stuck in tidal waters that come almost at once. For those who will be found among the waves made the rescue towers in the length of the Passage du Goa.

So when you get stuck between waves only thing left for you is to take these towers and wait until you save or the tidal turns back. You also need to say goodbye to your car.





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