Steps for a beauty face

  • Reduce to a minimum of dark circles around the eyes

Use cream with a special purpose which contains vitamin C, K or A (Natural eye Contour Circles – cream to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles). Apply in a circular motion around the eyes to improve the circulation. Under eye circles, apply a concealer – Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector.


  • Find the perfect foundation

Try the three shades closest to the color of your tan skin along the jaw. Go out on daylight with the mirror and choose the one shade that is closest to your complexion.

  • Apply powder

Select the right tools: brush double fibers for liquid powder, brush powder and sponge for a perfect finish ( Artdeco Powder).


  • Apply blush

Framing: with the lips pull the cheeks and brush by patting you can remove the excess blush. Start with your ear and pull forward under the cheek bones.


  • rested expression
  1. Dark circles under the eyes to cover using a concealer ( Max Factor CC Highlighter).
  2. Apply translucent powder to dust the middle of the forehead, under the eyes and the neck of the nose.
  3. Apply concealer and illuminator of the cheek bones, and above the middle of the upper lip.


  • Get rid of the glare

Use product for cleaning the skin which in itself has salicylic acid will remove grease from the pores. You can use (Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel).


  • Correction of the tan
  1. Use good roof deck to get the desired look. We recommend concealer and good recognition with the problem.
  2. If you have red acne and similar: you can try with a corrector with green base to remove the redness ( Artdeco Perfect Stick).
  3. If you have pale skin: Use a concealer with pink or purple tones.
  4. If you have uneven complexion of the whole face put BB cream to smooth the complexion and will smooth the skin.



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