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“Smart” mirrors, refrigerators who cook: How will homes look like in 2040?

As the world changes and technology progresses every day, the appearance of homes is gradually changing.

If 20 years ago, the stoves did not have screens and timers, now there is almost no stove without those accessories.

The Tesla company made digital installations that show how homes would look in 23 years from now, that is, in the 2040s.

These installations will be presented at the Sydney Fair, Sydney Property Buy Expo.


The bed will be connected to digital devices that regulate the sleeping. The mirrors will be “smart” and will have the option of a digital wardrobe through which you can choose combinations of clothes.


The working tables in the kitchen will have “smart” surfaces that provide information about weather forecasts, shopping lists, and ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The refrigerators will have the option of cooking food for you or chopping fruits, vegetables atc..

Living room

And the living room will be futuristic, with TVs on the entire wall and speakers that deliver sound with the best quality. The “smart” speakers will be connected to the seating set in order to make the experience complete.

Home office

How would be the home of the future if it does not have a home office equipped with the latest technology devices? Through the desk you will be able to connect online, write, read, etc.


The toilets will have the option to check if you are healthy or have some problems. On the walls you can choose the “wallpaper” of the day – beach, mountain, city – depending on your mood that day. The mirror will have the option to advise you on make-up and hairstyle.


On the wall of the garage there will be information about the weather forecast and the state of the roads throughout the city and the state. Since cars are expected to be on stream, they will be recharged into the garage wirelessly, via electromagnetic fields.


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