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Small secrets behind the perfect figure: Ideal corsets for 7 different clothes!

Maybe you do not even thought that with just a few little tricks and a few minutes you can fully adjust your line. If you wonder how, we can reveal that, that it is the corset. here you can see, which types of corsets best suit a particular type of clothing.


  1. Trousers with high waist

    For this type of clothing you will need a corset that reaches almost to the chest. With its help there is not need to worry if your belly “come out” over the collar, which often happens when we wear this type of pants.


  2. Skinny jeans

    Corset with high waist will solve the problem with the “relegation” of what you want to hide in the area of waist and / or stomach, but also your underwear will not be drawn.


  3. Overlaid dresses 

    This model of the dress looks really good on every body, but if you want to look leaner, use a corset with a length up to half of the thighs, but without to cover the chest. Nobody likes the glued breasts, but all that we want is flat stomach. Also, the model with long trousers is ideal for bigger ladies because they will not allow rubbing the thighs.4-1-malite-tajni-zad-sovrshenata-figura-idealni-korseti-za-7-razlichni-parchinja-obleka-www.kafepauza.mk_

  4. Short tight dresses look beautiful If you have long legs and taut stomach and butt. Corset-like short shorts will help you everything to look perfect.5--malite-tajni-zad-sovrshenata-figura-idealni-korseti-za-7-razlichni-parchinja-obleka-www.kafepauza.mk_
  5. Pencil skirt

    To your disposal this kind of skirt looks perfectly, you should select the ideal size, that must be completely closely (as corset) with a suitable length. However to look perfect and to feel comfortable in it, you will need a pair of silk stockings with pants that will hold the upper in  control.


  6. Tight cannons

    Narrow cannons require special bras, however to avoid the breach under the chest and they also to stand as they should, you should choose extended bra or short narrow shirt.


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