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Simple ways to make your apartment an indelible place to live!

The true choice of colors, furniture and details will make your home look stylish and elegant in a very simple way.

For a sleek and modern interior it does not always require “treasure”, it is enough to have a good taste and to properly combine things.You will put some more interesting items in focus and your home will look great.

A few tips that you need to follow in your home aranging will look like canceled:

“Three” is a magical number
Decorate the room with some very impressive detail. But it’s always better when it’s more than one, and 3 is ideal.

Three modern art paintings – bought or made by yourself with pictures from the Internet divided into 3 parts.

Big carpet
It is not true that the big carpet is intended only for large rooms. If you have a small room and want to zoom it visually – neutral colors, a mirror behind the headset, and a large puff carpet are the ideal solutions to do this.

Slightly It’s a bit more
Rugged shelves with books and decorations will not make your home look tidy and tidy. Designers suggest that when you are framing the room, you do not overwrite it.

Shelves with several books and a vase look much more expensive and lovely. If you have an empty part in the apartment, it is enough to recharge it with a striking armchair and make a reading corner.

Specify a focal point with a specific detail
Each room needs its own focal point. If you do not have any noticeable details in the living room that anyone would notice at each entry, you should immediately find it.

Great picture above the sofa, a striking armchair that will separate from everything else or a unique mirror – the choice is yours.

A wall in a darker shade
The cheapest and simplest way to give a French look to the boring space is to accentuate a wall in a darker color.

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