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Simple solution to reduce the volume and skin tightening!

The Obesity, as one of the many side effects of modern and fast lifestyle is primarily health, but also an aesthetic problem. Each of us sooner or later in life tries some sort of diet or healthy life.

The best solution to obesity is a long-term attention to the intake of calories as regular exercise and use of additional treatments of natural origin which helps to speed the metabolism.

Herbal drops which facilitate attenuation from “Alkaloid” containing a mixture of extracts that help to better digestion, speeding in discharge of fat from the body and facilitate the discharge of waste intestinal content and excess fluids from the body.

Recent trends in the cosmetics industry using products with the extract of spirulina, caffeine, vitamin E and so on. These, and many more components are contained in SATTWA cream for shaping and tightening the body.

Besides the above mentioned, SATTWA cream for shaping and tightening the body contains natural isoflavones, carnitine, horse chestnut extract and extract shimshirika ie plant anti-cellulite active complex effect on the reduction of cellulite and subcutaneous fat which gives the effect of tightening the skin.


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