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Simple cake decorations for the holiday season!

How the holiday season is comming , here we can presented to you two simple cake decorative ideas that will turn even a store-bought cake into something that will elicit a “wow!” Each of these decorating ideas requires only a very simple cake as the base… Check the cakes below!

Christmas Explosion Cake

For this  decorating cake idea, you will want to gather up all the cutest holiday knickknacks you can find. Think mini presents, tiny deer figurines, candy canes, miniature string lights, tinsel, jingle bells, etc. And then pile it on! There is really no wrong way to top this cake. You want it to look a little random and like Christmas “exploded.”

lcholidayandwinter-cake-12-resized lcholidayandwinter-cake-16-resized lcholidayandwinter-cake-14-resized

Sugar Snowflake Cake

This cake will require you to revisit some old paper snowflake making skills you probably haven’t used since you were a kid.Once you make a snowflake that you’re satisfied with, you simply use it as a stencil for a powdered sugar snowflake on your cake. Lay down your paper snowflake on the top of your cake, and use a sifter to gently shake powdered sugar over the top.

lcholidayandwinter-desserts-41-resized lcholidayandwinter-desserts-37-resized lcholidayandwinter-desserts-35-resized lcholidayandwinter-desserts-33-resized

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