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From shy fatty to top model: Who would say that this is the same guy ?!

Former insurance insurer has gained thousands of fans around the world after losing 40 kilograms and releasing his beard, but also shot David Beckham’s whiskey ad.

Today, the redhead Gwilym Pugh (33) is a top model that seduces sighs on social networks, both with looks and with self-confidence. However, not from so long ago.

In the past, he was a full-fledged and withdrawn insurance sales agent who could not even guess what the future brings him.

Kilograms gain by working from home, but also because he could not train because of a knee injury.

“At that time I was pretty fat. I worked 12 hours a day and I was struggling with injuries, which meant I could not train at all, ” revealed he to the foreign media. “My job was going well, but I decided to bring my life in order and be healthy again,” he adds.

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