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Shine in the new year, beautiful tricks for fabulous appearance…

In the world of beauty, there are many rules and advices for beauty that will make you look stunning.

The Secret styling hair without the use of heat, find brilliant ways to use broken compact powder, the more tricks you know the better you can deal with any unplanned situation –you will also look awesome. And remember, the embellishment should always be fun!

  • Face


 Pimples before a big event? As soon as you can notice you should directly to the pimple apply tea tree oil.

  • For skin without acne, select detergent cleaner with salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide. Use matte wipes for face, that absorb the excess fat from T – zone. They are excellent for cleaning the area around the eyes.

Once in two weeks, use facial exfoliator to remove dead skin. The make-up will look much better on a clean and smooth skin. Use a cream with SPF in morning hours and also lip balm with SPF.

To minimize the pores, use a gel and then apply a toner. Be аware the toner mustn’t contain alcohol in order not to dry out the skin. To prevent the occurrence of flatulence and dark circles, hydrate the area under the eye cream. To reduce unwanted shine, use an example that mattе the skin. This will get the necessary hydration without having to look like a “lamp”.

  1. Hair


Before hair dryеring, to achieve volume on the root, apply a spray volume. Drag the brush up to the ceiling for real volume appearance.

Choose a shampoo without sulfate. Sulfates can damage the hair cuticle.

The healthier you are internally, the healthier your hair will be! Take a daily multi – vitamin biotin intake that will help the hair to grow faster.

If you have oily hair, avoid applying conditioner or mask directly to the root.

  • Try to avoid daily shampooing. Constant shampooing makes hair dry and causes the scalp to produce more oil that compensate the loss of moisture. Instead, use dry shampoo and collect hair in a braid or pony tail when your hair is little greasy.
  • During the winter when your hair is extra dry, use a hair mask with avocado oil.
  1. Body


– The best time for applying creams is after shower when the skin is clean of all products and impurities.

The best way to get rid of subcutaneous fibers is to exfoliate the skin in the problematic areas. This will release the skin from dead cells and will allow the fibers easier to break through the surface.

– If you’re planning to iron the hair, to reduce the damage let it dry on its own.

– After treatment with hair mask, rinse with cold water to close the cuticles of the hair.

– Carrots are good for your hair. Healthy food leads to a nicer appearance.

– For hastily to hide growth root, use dry shampoo appropriate to the color of your hair.

  1. Nails


– To soft the cuticles of the nails use eye cream. The more hydrated your cuticle are, the stronger your nails will be.

For your manicure to last longer, every two days, apply a thin layer of colorless varnish. Pay special attention to the top of your nails, where the color is easily peeled. If the color is peeled for a short time, you can cover with varnish with sparkles.

  1. Make – up


– If you want to avoid make-up gathering on your eyes area, remove excess fat with tissue absorption. Then apply a small amount of creamy concealed to secure the place.

– Balance the splendor of the face. If you applying any shiny eye shadow, choose a matte lipstick.

If you like your eyes to visually look less red, apply white eyeliner on the inner line of sight.

  • Apply a shimmering glow in the center of your lips, up and down, this will accentuate your lips, which will look more with volume.
  • To find the right shade of powder, choose a color that you think is closest to the color of your skin, try the natural light of the jaw area.
  • Invest in the cosmetic that is important to you. If the mascara is the key to your look, and you love some more expensive brand, afford that luxury.
  • To vote against potential bacteria and acne, regularly clean your makeup brushes! Once a week, immerse your brushes mixture of warm water and mild soap and then leave them to dry

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