We share experiences: “What changes have happened since I cleaned my face with honey?”

Lauren Schumacher is a young woman, who whole life has skin problems and looked for a way to improve the situation.

Lauren reveals that after a series of experiments, she began to wash her face with honey and had incredible results.

Why have I decided on this step?
“For a long time, my sensitive skin has bothered me, and when I read on a blog that the honey has a great influence on the skin, I immediately went to the supermarket and bought a jar.

My skin is gentle and easy to irritate. It needs hydration because it dries a lot, and wrinkles begin to intensify.

What happened after 6 months cleaning my face with honey?
After only 6 months of cleaning my face with honey, I noticed a change. When you’re cleaning the face with honey, you moisturize it first, so gently make a massage , rinse well (otherwise it will stick) and put a moisturizer cream or follow  your routine for beautify.

Why is honey good for the skin?
Honey is rich in nutrients and has a naturally antibacterial effect, so it is great for sensitive skin, a prone to acne. Reduces redness and inflammation.

Many cosmetics after using make you feel your skin tightened, but honey does not do it and feeds it. The skin was soon fresh and clean.

For many years I’ve been cleaning my face with honey and I do not have acne and redness anymore, I even smooth the skin tone. My skin is hydrated, and I think even my pores have diminished.

But one cosmetologist advised me that honey is not an appropriate substitute for face cleansing milk, but that it is better to use it only as a face mask, because when you use it for cleaning, the skin does not have enough time to absorb and take advantage of the benefits from him.

Instead, she recommended that on a clean face I apply a thin layer of a mixture of honey and a little bit of argan oil and leave it as a mask.

However, I kept my practice to put honey on a wet skin and gently rub it because I have great results.

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