Have you seen Taylor Swift’s new video?

The most anticipated musical moment during the MTV VMA was the premiere of Taylor Swift’s new video.

In the video there are elements that, in addition to making the video lavish, make them interesting and how to send messages. The video starts at the cemetery, and on one of the graves there is a inscription Nils Sjoberg, a pseudonym that Taylor Swift used when, along with Calvin Harris, wrote the hit “This Is What You Came For”.

The scene in which she enjoys in a bath full of precious jewelry reminiscent of the situation in which the media described her as someone who is constantly sitting in his house in a bathtub filled with pearls and crying. In the same bathtub, among the precious stones, a 1 dollar wallet is hiding. Does this relate to a recent court case in which she sues Anthony Muberty for $ 1?

If you look at the video “Look What You Made Me Do” , we are sure to see some more details related to her career and private life, full of yellow pages.


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