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See the majestic galaxy Andromeda from one Swiss village!

Photographer Sandro Casutt  lives in a remote Swiss village where there is an amazing view of the Andromeda galaxy. Vals village, with a population of only  990 inhabitants is the best location on Earth from which you can observe nearby neighbors of the Milky Way.That is why Casutt and his brother, Marcus, started sharing their love of cosmic art.


The Photos you will see below, are photographed during different seasons equally giving us an amazing view of the Andromeda in full splendor. It is the largest cluster from galaxies known as the Local Group (made up of 54 galaxies, including ours) and covers an area of 220,000 light years.

According to studies, she will collide with the Milky Way in about 4.5 billion years .


Although Andromeda is the closest to us, however we are talking about a distance of about 2.5 million light years. However, the lenses of Castt managed to record part of trillions of stars that are part of Andromeda, which can perfectly be experienced through these amazing photos. Enjoy !

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