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Season the life with small pleasures: Copenhagen – Denmark

Although geographically located in the north of Europe and thus doomed to cold and murky time, the capital of Denmark is extremely warm and hospitable city of fairy tales. There is no wonder about the fact that it is therefore deriving the most beautiful fairy tales of the world.


Its inhabitants are among the happiest and plus it is a city with excellent cycle paths. Shod it all still in Copenhagen making it the best city in the world? There is the highest number of restaurants with a Michelin star and other cities in Scandinavia, a total of 15. It is also one of the best restaurants in the world – “Noma” and the harbor is so clean which, you can swim there.



Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

From there come the popular Lego – cubes. Do not miss the opportunity to see and Christiania neighborhood founded in the 70s as a hippie – commune, kind of state within a state with its own rules and regulation.




The park “Tivoli” is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks and the most interesting in Europe, and there is the symbol of the city – the statue of the little mermaid, inspired by the eponymous fairy tale of Andersen. One of the biggest attractions is the Royal Guard, which every day from the palace “Rosenborg” with music goes through the city, and the colorful neighborhood – Newhaven, with its old and cheerful houses, which first was significantly important trading port and today is known for numerous cafés and restaurants.

blue-lagoon-Reykjavik christiania_copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark


Edvard Eriksen, 1913.

Edvard Eriksen, 1913.


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