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Sassi di Matera town built of stone!

Did you know where it is recorded the famous movie “Passion” directed by Mel Gibson? It is a famous spot Matera based in the rocky nucleosides, and is located at the most prominent part of the boot.

This picturesque town is created from the remains of the cave of the medieval town of Sassi Di Matera, which is an ancient Roman city located in the Basilicata region.

Here the houses are stratified set and carved of stone. If you’ll visit this wonderful place, you will be fascinated by the spectacular landscapes which it provides, and all this, coupled with the beauty of the two ponds Rione Sasso Barisano Rione Sacco and Caveoso.

Significant buildings that you can visit here are the Cathedral “Piazza della Civita” which dates back to the XIII century “Palazzo Lanfrachi”, Museum of the seventeenth century, which is rich in valuable works of art. Besides these two landmarks more important place is the church “Tramonato castle”, built in Aragonese style, and is currently ongoing major restoration of the same.

Beautiful tourist destination for all lovers of history, art and archeology. See!


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