Saint Petersburg … spectacular city like a fairytale

saint petersburg

Sometimes the cities have incredible power to impose the respect of its visitors because of its rich history, architectural beauty, industrial supremacy, cultural diversity and million-population. When all these strong attributes will unite in one sight we have a world metropolis that awakens the need for a specially research. And that would be that metropolis if not the capital of the Russian Empire, the starting point of the October Revolution, the home of the Hermitage and the famous Vaganova Ballet Academy, the most important port in the Baltic – St. Petersburg. Besides the capital town Moscow, the most important Russian city and of course a very important economic, industrial, scientific and cultural center of Russia’s St. Petersburg. Its history is written in beautiful pages in 1703 when the Emperor Peter the Great decided to much unfit ground which is published in the Baltic’s, to build a city that will have a look with onto the sea. The city today under the protection of UNESCO, was the center of many uprisings, revolutions and assassinations that Russia left a strong stamp of a long historical period. Today this city is a huge tourist attraction. People from all over the world come to see this golden city on the coast of the River Neva and the forty-two islands, where you can experience the white nights during the short and cool summers.

In fact this is the northernmost city millions of the world (with more than 5 million inhabitants). There is a belief that every city is best acquainted with the walk. Sometimes it heads towards the first places that you have marked on your map, and sometimes even walking aimlessly around the city, and in both cases you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of the most interesting places that made the best memories of the travel.

St. Petersburg is the Ideal place for two. Of course your research should begin in the heart of the city, from its main street “Nevsky Prospect”. Rather this street called – avenue, which clearly describes the wealth, vitality and age of the city.

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Some of the most expensive shops are located right here, the most splendid buildings that represent the real architectural works and perhaps the most expensive apartments in the whole of Russia will find right on this street. Near you can find the main square “Island” which is home to the famous theater “Alexandria” and the Russian National Library, whose buildings keep the monument of the Russian empress Catherine the Great.

With a longer walk it is impossible not to notice the most beautiful churches and cathedrals are true art in the city. We mustn’t miss the boat ride along the River Neva and its canals. If you are visiting the city during the summer, this romantic ride will remind you as the one in the Venetian gondolas.

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In the evening a walk along the river harbor, and coastal observe the launching of bridge under passing trade ships. This kind of entertainment is becoming extremely popular in recent years, so with organization trips you can see these windows that attract thousands of tourists in just one night.

The short trip to the former royal village, now a city of Pushkin, definitely must be outlined in the plan for your route. Pushkin is an important character of Russian literature. In addition you will find the many palaces and castles which were inhabited and became the top of the aristocracy in royal Russia.

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Palace Aleksandrovsk unfortunately is not open to all visitors. It is known for a favorite residence of the last Russian King Nicholas II Romanov , who was brutally murdered with his entire family in Yekaterinburg in 1918.

This itinerary was no way complete unless a ride to one of the greatest treasures of art and culture in the world, the museum “Hermitage”, which occupies a special place with its five magnificent buildings that create a unique architectural whole.

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The walk through Saint Petersburg figuratively will finish with these wonderful museums, but that does not mean you have to stop here, on the contrary continue exploring the city that have created the world’s greatest artists such as Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Stravinsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy and many other with their best music, lyrics, novels, dance movements precisely has sown in “North Venice,” as they often call Saint Petersburg.


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