Romantic books that will convince you that love is everywhere!

Love is all around us in different shapes and forms, especially in the pre-period. Winter holidays carry a particular magic of falling in love, forgiveness and strengthening ties.

Save me – Guillaume Musso

The Destiny spans Juliette and Sam on a winter evening on Broadway. They silent about several important details from their lives in front of one another, but spend a memorable weekend, falling in love hard and honestly.


Juliette must return to Paris, and Sam can not find the right arguments to dissuade her from wanting to leave. When the plane takes off, it happens an explosion. Do the love ends here?

When the North Wind blows – Daniel Glattauer

“Write me Emmy. Writing is like kissing, but without lips. Writing is like kissing mind. ” Two-way messaging between Emmy and Leo begins the moment she wants to cancel the subscription for one magazine, but it sends the mail to the wrong address.


Two strangers begin to share intimate thoughts and feelings.

But Emmy is happily married, and Leo was trying to get rid of his oily love from the past. How thin is the line between flirtation and infidelity, even online?

Sunset – Katerina Dzatena

Using the absence of her fiancé Nick , the feisty Carmen enrolled in dancing classes and her instructor Sof instantly awakens her interest. They begin an affair, which apparently shows no signs of limited duration..


The thoughts in the head of the unfaithful wife escalated. How it will be the results of her decisions on the future?

The First Last Kiss – Ali Harris: A Heartwarming Tale of Love and Friendship

With the first kiss between Molly and Ryan, she felt that she found the man of her life. But 6 years later with turbulences, ups and downs behind them, something happens that no one can predict. Love slowly slip through the fingers of the two persons .


This is a warm, sincere and above all else humane story for falling in love and odljubuvanjeto, adultery, grief and separation.

Loving oneself with open eyes – Jorge Bucay

Laura had sent emails to Freddie with honest advice on the topic of love, falling in love, relationships and marriage. They mistakenly end up by the marketing expert Roberto, who without thinking first deleted the email. But they do not stop coming.


Roberto fully will incur to the letters from Laura, who will take on the identity of Freddie and will start himself to return to the letters, expressing their views and most intimate feelings and desires.

Jorge Bucay is one of the favorite and most widely read psychotherapists in the world, with good reason.


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