Reduce the stress and tension with this short ritual

It’s not always easy and it’s possible to do a relaxing bath. Especially if your life is busy, and your bathtub is too small. But there’s a way to enjoy the benefits of the boutique without wasting a lot of time, effort and resources. It’s enough to make a bargain for your feet. 5 minutes, a few steps and deep breathing are enough to relieve stress.

Legion or larger pot
Hot salt
Body oil
Essential oil for your taste
Warm water
Body peeling

Method of preparation:
Put the water in the bed. Let it be warm enough to not cool too fast.
Put salt.
Add body oil that will prevent your feet drying.
If you want, you can also add essential oil. It’s best to use lavender that will relax you.
While your feet are in the bed, gently massage them with the body peeling moving towards the leaves.
Take the phone away and enjoy in the bargain.

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