Quick and easy weight loss with yogurt!

According to leading nutritionists the introduction of two meals yogurt per day produced remarkably good results quickly and efficiently and reduce the weight gain.

Experts claim that sour milk and yogurt (applies to those with low fat) saturate even the consumption of small amounts being one of the key factors for a successful diet – eliminating hunger. Besides other major plus in this case is that yogurt and sour milk contain very few calories and a lot of useful substances.


The purpose of this diet is to start and end the day with a serving of yogurt. In the morning you can choose only sour milk or yogurt combined with oat nuts or fruit. Lunch should be a piece of boiled white meat or fish (200 grams) and fresh seasonal salad. At night again you need to consume portion of yogurt and a few egg whites.

For one week is expected to decrease about 5 kg. If you add to your diet and moderate physical activity the results will be much better. Apart from reducing  the body weight you can tone your muscles.

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