Be queens of the beaches: Here’s how to choose the perfect swimsuit according to the body shape!

If you want this summer to walk along the beach full of confidence and with a smile, because you chose swimsuit which highlights your attributes and conceal any flaws, then all it takes is good to know the layout of your body.

Shape of an hourglass

Expressed are the breasts and hips and have a slim waist. For you perfectly vintage bathing suits with high waist at the bottom and a good grip on the chest.

The shape of apple

The upper part is fuller – chest, waist and buttocks. For your perfect tops are combined with the lower part with a an interesting design. Thick straps will make your shoulders look smaller.

Triangular shape

In the upper part of the body it is narrower in the lower part – beyond. Select pieces that will attract attention to the upper part. Perfect choice bras with cheerful colors or with colorful prints combined with a monochrome bottom. You can freely select and deeper neckline.

Reverse triangle

Upper body is wider and lower part narrower. Bras with good support for you is required. Look for those with charging wire and thicker frames. Excellent choice cannons extended section under the chest.

Athletic Body

To create the illusion of curves, select Carnero and interesting prints, and triangles. Avoid strapless uppers. Will make your upper flatter more.


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