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Quartz is the latest trend in arranging the kitchens!

The granite has long been the most used material in the arrangement of the kitchen.

Recently, it has been shown that the number of designers who use other material, quartz, increases.

In its latest trend report, the National Association of Kitchens and Bathrooms (NKBA) says the popularity of quartz is on the rise, especially in the last few years, while interest in granite has been declining.

More than 450 designers took part in the annual Design Trends 2016 survey, which since 2010 has sent trends on the arrangement of kitchens and bathrooms.
In 2010, 73% of the members who participated in the survey confirmed that quartz used it in their kitchen projects. By 2015, this percentage has increased to 89%, and has been on the rise in the past two years.

Here’s what the designers say, why quartz is so appealing.
Quartz plates have excellent mechanical properties, which are confirmed by granite, quartz slabs are resistant to damage, scratches and impacts. They are not permeable and are easier to maintain. Their attractive appearance fits very easily in all styles of editing, and is available in several colors. It is important to emphasize that this is the only material with antibacterial protection, which guarantees maximum hygiene, and is ideal for kitchen tiles.

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