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Psychological rules for all who need a harmony in the life!

Often we are prevented from overcoming psychological barriers due to false believes and, generally, the low awareness.

To escape the magic circle, many read books, scholarly texts and advice from professionals.

A well-known psychiatrist in his book reveals the main psychological obstacles that lead him to a happy and healthy life.

Happiness is an unintended effect of a properly organized life
Happiness, joy, success, according to professionals, is just a secondary result of a well-organized activity. An activity that brings you all these emotions.

Those who have set themselves the goal of attaining the above-mentioned “secondary results”, the more they approach it, the goals are so far away.

IN communicating, remember that everyone has an opinion, like yours
Never forget that the person with whom you interact, just like you, is a person who has his own opinions, interests, and reasons for them.

Anyone who finds you on the road has their own struggles and challenges that you do not know anything.

Therefore, remember that everyone has their own “self” and do not cross anyone’s boundaries.

If you want to help yourself, you have to do something
For this there is a special phrase – “empty conversations”. How often have you talked about how much you want to achieve, but you never started to realize it?

You want to have more money, you want a better job, a new apartment or a car, and you do not take anything, but just say that you want it.

Not only are empty words in which no one can support you or help you. Start from somewhere.

When you become successful, all displeasure will magically disappear
Many complaints and bad feelings about themselves are formed due to internal unfulfilledness.

Sometimes we feel discomfort and you think that the situation can be removed only from the person who made that feeling.

But the mechanism works differently. Start doing what you want and reaching new heights. Success will stifle your dissatisfaction and grievances that will magically disappear.

If you want to find out your greatest enemy, look at the mirror
Many first begin to fight with their enemies, but in fact they need to fight with themselves first.

The main enemy always lies in us. It is impossible to get out of the infinite range of troubles and problems without removing internal barriers that prevent our growth and development as a person.

When you are ready to face yourself and overcome all obstacles, your enemy will not exist in the world.

When a person does not have an aim, he sees nothing. The target sharpens the vision
Have you ever noticed that even when you want the most common item, you start to watch it anywhere without looking – in stores, on television, in ads, on billboards.

Even when it stops you, you keep on looking at places that have nothing to do with it.

This is true for all purposes. When setting a goal, aim for accomplishment and in every possible way you are looking for a route to get to it.

Attention is limited work – you see only what you need and what you want to see.

The ability to love and tolerate loneliness is an indicator of spiritual maturity
A spiritually mature person uses loneliness for personal development and collects information and experiences that he can then use and share with another person.

You need to know sometimes how to live with yourself, tolerate loneliness, and even want it at some point in your life, without depending on anyone.

Happiness lies in the fact that “I want / I can / must” have the same meaning
People often face a choice between three directions: I have to, but I do not want / I want, but I can not.

But the main thing lies in the fact that our desires coincide with our possibilities. Being a must be regulated by what you need (development). And, what you can, is the power that helps and pushes the process.

Tip: Make a list in all three fields and then make things whose match values.


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