Prestige – Christopher Priest!

“Every great magic trick consists of three acts and three parts. The first part is called “Bet”. Magician shows you something simple: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. It shows you the object. Perhaps he asks you something, to prove that it is indeed real, unchanged, normal. But, of course .. probably not.


The second act is called “Twist” – the magician takes the ordinary thing and makes from it something extraordinary. Now the viewer is looking for the secret; but he will not find it, because he is not seek the truth . He really doesn’t want to know. The viewer wants to be lied. But, it will not applaud.Because if the thing disappear, it is not enough: the thing must be returned. That is the reason why every magic has the third act, the hardest part, the part we call the ‘Prestige’. ”

Rocketed magic indicator that fills the visual props for the Victorian sensation in literary science fiction – sessions, curses, mystery, madness; which according to the Washington Post is more than International Fantasy Reward for Briton Priest because inevetable empathy with stunning effect of sparks from electricity, no less than, but from the original creator of the common good, Nikola Tesla.

Kind of novel that implies the reader as a mirror- story, because of pieces that he must alone assemble on his own.

Starting in 1878, two young magicians clash in the dark phase in the fraud Séance – from that moment on, their lives become  a net of fraud and revelation as one fight the other and vice versa, to misuse and exposure in frames to the audience.

Incontestable passion to beat the other brings to condition both  be embarrassed by the strength of their feelings, through envy and spite manages to absorb mentally and to effect directly to their families.


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