Playlist for Relaxation: Relax after a hard day with the brilliant Garo Tavitjan!


The musical talent of Garo Junior Tavitjan is incontrovertible, and proof of this is the success of the Macedonian, and the world music scene. Accompanied by his brother Diran or known together as brothers Tavitjan can boast numerous tours and performances throughout the Balkans, Europe and America.

According to Austrian music critics, Garo can be freely flat with the world famous musicians such as Michael Bolton and Eric Clapton, thanks to his wonderful album “Personal View” which has been rated with 5 stars.


As one of the best Macedonian drummers, Garo left his mark by the Macedonian public and its participation in the memorable project in three parts “Macedonian heart beats in 7/8”, which together with his father Garabet Tavitjan and his brother Diran have joined the famous Balkan stars through traditional sound of the Macedonian folk song.

Moreover, the brothers Tavitjan participating in the tribute album for Michael Jackson, a project organized by the keyboardist of the this musical legend, involving many names from the music scene. They recorded the song and video in Atlanta, which will come out the next year.

This time, the Garo generously allowed us to peek into his musical world and revealed us his favorite songs for relaxation and escape from reality. Listen to his fantastic playlist of songs that we believe will especially appeal to lovers of jazz and avant-garde music, but no doubt that will tickling your senses and all those who know how to enjoy in good and quality music. Enjoy …

1. Pat Metheny – Dream Of The Return

2. Lyle Mays – Close To Home

3. Dave Weckl – SImple Prayer

4. Dave Weckl – Auratune

5. Gretchen Parlato – Blue In Green

6. Esperanza Spalding – I Know You Know

7. Diane Reeves – Nearness Of You





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