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The most picturesque small bookstore in the world is in Paris!

A small magical corner that will offer you a true backlash at a different time and escaping from reality with the help of books.

On the shore of the River Thames there is a corner where no lover can resist the written word. The bookshop for English literature “Shakespeare and Company” is located in Paris.

No matter how strange it sounds, this Parisian locale keeps the memory of the most famous English poet William Shakespeare.

This bookstore is known for bringing famous celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald.

This was a place where books were not only sold, but also created, a place free of Parisian glamor and a place with a wonderful atmosphere. It is in this bookshop after 9 years that the characters from the movie “Before the Sunrise” are also encountered.

In the bookstore, the books are arranged from the floor to the ceiling and you can find them in every corner of each chair. Old wooden stairs lead to the reading part.

Tourists are enchanted by the bookshop “Shakespeare and Company”, and see why:

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