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PERUCICA – the last piece of untouched nature in Europe!

One of the last places in the world and definitely the last in Europe, where the man decided not to pick the forest Perucica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wildlife that should be seen.

At this place the nature lives its life more than 20,000 years, and the age of the trees that can be found in the forest is up to 300 years.


Thanks to the fact that man has no influence in this piece of nature, and there are strict controls on entry to the park, despite the abundant flora developed and richer fauna. In the forest you can find deer, wild goats, Kuna, bears, wild cats, foxes, eagles, hawks, grouse tail feathers and many other animals and birds.The forest, that someone called the “lungs of Europe” covers an area of 14.34 square kilometers.

At the heart of the rainforest is high waterfall more than 70 meters. The highest tree in Perucica has 57.4 meters. The previous record – 62 meters high tree has recently fallen.

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